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DRAGONFLY elettrodo laringeo
 Product name
 DRAGONFLY the laryngeal electrode

In collaboration with IOM-Solutions Spes Medica presents a complete range of laryngeal electrodes.

The electrodes can be applied in the whole range of endotracheal tubes, the electrode material is soft to avoid the risk to damage the vocal cords.

The electrode have integrated a long disposable twisted leadwire with touch proof connector to fit in the most used EMG units.

Available in different configurations and sizes. 

 Scheda tecnica LSEXXXXXXX

Catalogue number Description
LSE4246MCA075 Single channel laryngeal electrode large
LSE3463DCA200 Dual channel laryngeal electrode small
LSE4263DCA200 Dual channel laryngeal electrode largel
LSE3446MCP075 Single channel paediatric laryngeal electrode
LSE3446MCA075 Single channel laryngeal electrode small

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